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Tadiran coin-sized cells are easily board mountable with Andon sockets


Port Washington, NY - Tadiran, Inc., the worldwide leader in lithium batteries, has teamed up with Andon Electronics, a leading connector manufacturer, introducing a simple interconnect solution for Tadiran coin-size lithium thionyl chloride batteries.


When used in conjunction with Andon BS Series battery sockets, Tadiran coin-size cells can be quickly and easily plugged or unplugged from a PCB. Use of Andon's socket also permits greater flexibility to install the battery either before or after soldering.


Tadiran coin-size cells significantly outperform other battery chemistries, combining superior performance and high reliability. Tadiran coin-size cells save weight and space, while delivering an open voltage of 3.6 volts versus the industry standard 3.0 volts.


Ideal for harsh environments and remote locations, Tadiran coin-sized cells can survive extreme temperatures (from as low as -55° C to as high as +125° C), with a longer shelf life that exceeds 10 years due to lower self-discharge. These highly durable batteries feature ISO-9001 certification, UL-recognition, and a patented glass-to-metal hermetic seal (not crimped) to protect against leakage.


Andon BS Series sockets have clips molded into a high temperature nylon insulator which keeps Tadiran coin-sized cells snugly fixtured, providing added protection against shock and vibration. Andon sockets combine a precision machined terminal assembly with a stamped and formed BeCu 4-finger contact for a highly reliable and redundant connection. Andon offers both thru hole and custom surface mount sockets.


Tadiran coin-size cells are found in electronic toll tags and other RF/ID applications, motherboards, utility meters, consumer electronics, memory or real time clock back up.


For more information on Andon BS Series battery sockets, contact: Andon Electronics Corp., 4 Court Drive, Lincoln, RI, 02865 (401) 333-0388 Fax: (401) 333-0287 www.andonelect.com.


Tadiran batteries are available through distribution in the U.S., Canada and South America.



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