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Tadiran introduces the Pulses PlusTM series: 3.6V battery packs for high current pulse applications


Port Washington, NY - Tadiran, the worldwide leader in Lithium battery technology, has just introduced the Pulses PlusTM series -- 3.6V battery packs that pack the energy density required by today's high current pulse applications.


Until now, high current pulse applications had to settle for spiral wound construction cells, resulting in greatly compromised performance. By combining its proven lithium thionyl chloride chemistry with a unique hermetically sealed Hybrid Layer Capacitor (HLC), Tadiran Pulses PlusTM allows design engineers to specify a bobbin type battery, with its inherent benefits as compared to traditional spiral wound construction. These advantages include:


• Higher Voltage - 3.6V versus 3.0V

• Higher capacity-e.g. 19Ah for D size cell (versus 10 to 13 Ah with spiral wound)

• Lower self discharge-less than 2% per year (versus 5% per year with spiral wound)

• Widest operating temperature- -40°C to 85°C (versus 0°C to 60°C)

• Greater safety with reduced risk of explosion or fire

• Lower ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance)


Tadiran is introducing five different models of the Pulses PlusTM battery, providing a wide choice of capacity ranging from 2.5 Ah to 38 Ah:


    Tadiran Model P/N Capacity TL-9111 2.5 Ah TL-9121 5.0 Ah TL-9211 8.5 Ah TL-9311 19 Ah TL-9321 38 Ah


Tadiran Pulses PlusTM battery packs come with standard connectors (Berg 71627-001 housing, Berg 47565-001 contacts). Special connectors are available upon request. Tadiran Pulses PlusTM cells are UL-recognized, and glass-to-metal hermetically sealed to protect against leakage. Tadiran batteries Ltd. is ISO 9001-certified. Pulses PlusTM batteries are ideal for all high pulse current applications, especially those that require long life and high energy in a harsh environment. Typical applications include:


• AMR utility meters

• Military

• Sonar Buoys

• RF devices

• Automotive

• Communications equipment

• Emergency and medical devices



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