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High-energy Pulses PlusTM batteries make portable medical devices 60% smaller and more reliable


Port Washington, NY - Tadiran, the worldwide leader in lithium battery technology, recently developed a high energy lithium battery, Pulses PlusTM, specifically designed to reduce battery size and weight requirements by over 50% in today's portable high tech medical devices.


Pulses Plus batteries deliver long-term power solutions to increasingly sophisticated medical devices, including portable defibrillators, portable EKG machines and other medical equipment that requires batteries to deliver higher energy densities, the capacity to handle high current pulses, and extremely long-life.


Until now, many of these applications used Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2) cells or spirally wound lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2 - Jelly Roll) or manganese dioxide (LiMNO2) cells.


Tadiran's Pulses Plus batteries utilize lithium thionyl chloride chemistry (Li/SOCl2 - Bobbin), with its safer bobbin type construction, plus a unique Hybrid Layer Capacitor to deliver high pulses in a much smaller and lightweight package. Overall product advantages include:



    In most cases Pulses Plus batteries can be shipped as NON-HAZARDOUS goods (unlike the other technologies)


    3.9V or 3.6V versus 3.0V


    19Ah for D size cell (versus 7 Ah for other Lithium batteries). Other sizes at equally higher capacity.


    Less than 2% per year (versus 5% per year with spiral wound) LOWER ESR(Equivalent Serial Resistance)


    -40°C to 85°C (versus 0°C to 60°C)


For example, a typical portable defibrillator can reduce weight and volume by over 60% by substituting Pulses Plus batteries for 4 D sized spirally wound batteries. The Pulses Plus battery solution delivered equivalent performance characteristics.


Tadiran Pulses Plus batteries are UL-listed, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including cylindrical cells and battery packs, with the capacity to meet virtually any requirement.


In addition to medical devices, these batteries are commonly found in automotive emergency roadside assistance systems, GPS tracking devices, oceanographic and deep-sea devices, utility meters, and security devices, as well as military and aerospace equipment.


In addition to Pulses Plus batteries, Tadiran manufactures a complete line of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, including a variety of primary cylindrical batteries, coin-sized cells and packs. Tadiran products are available in a variety of terminations and assemblies. High temperature and high power models are also available.


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