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Tadiran powers ahead with high current rate Pulses PlusTM cylindrical batteries


Port Washington, NY - Tadiran, the worldwide leader in Lithium battery technology, has just introduced a complete family of Pulses PlusTM 3.6V cylindrical primary batteries: lithium thionyl chloride cells that deliver the higher voltage, higher capacity and lower self-discharge required by high current pulse applications.


Today's high performance devices quickly drain ordinary batteries. Tadiran Pulses PlusTM batteries deliver the added capacity and energy density required to handle high current pulses. These batteries also offer unmatched service life combined with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making Pulses PlusTM batteries ideal for applications such as:


• GPS devices

• AMR utility meters

• Military

• Sonar Buoys

• RF devices

• Automotive

• Communications equipment

• Emergency and medical devices


Tadiran 3.6V Pulses PlusTM batteries combine proven lithium thionyl chloride chemistry with a unique hermetically sealed Hybrid Layer Capacitor (HLC) and bobbin type construction, delivering performance far superior to spiral wound batteries. Performance advantages include:


• Higher voltage - 3.6V versus 3.0V

• Higher capacity - e.g. 19Ah for D size cell (versus 7 Ah for other Lithium batteries)

• Lower self discharge - less than 2% per year (versus 5% per year with spiral wound)

• Lower ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance)

• Widest operating temperature - -40°C to 85°C (versus 0°C to 60°C)

• Greater safety - in comparison to other Lithium chemistries (LiSO2 and LiMNO2)


Tadiran offers a complete family of Pulses PlusTM available in a wide variety of sizes and capacity ranges to meet virtually any requirement.


Tadiran Pulses PlusTM batteries are manufactured to ISO 9001 certified standards. They are UL-recognized and made with an exclusive glass-to-metal hermetic seal to protect against leakage.


In addition to Pulses PlusTM batteries, Tadiran manufactures a complete line of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, including a variety of primary cylindrical batteries, coin-sized cells, specialty batteries for PC real-time clock and CMOS memory back-up, as well as utility meter batteries. Tadiran products are available in a variety of terminations and assemblies. High temperature and high power models are also available.



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