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Aclara automatic meter reading (AMR) units rely on Tadiran Batteries

Twenty-five years ago, Aclara™ (formerly Hexagram,Inc.) installed hundreds of thousands automatic meter reading (AMR) devices for the utility market. Powered by a Tadiran TL-2100 AA-size lithium thionyl chloride battery, virtually all of these decades-old devices are still operating on their original battery, validated by laboratory tests confirming that these cells have retained nearly 25% of their original capacity.


Aclara selected Tadiran batteries based on superior performance characteristics, including higher energy density, higher capacity, a temperature range of 55ºC to +85ºC., and 20+ year service life.


Amsafe - The Benefit of Airbags

AMSAFE aviation airbags enhance the safety of conventional seatbelts by protecting airline passengers, pilots and crew members against head and neck injuries during a crash or severe loss of airspeed. AMSAFE aviation airbags are powered by Tadiran PulsesPlus™ batteries that feature compact size, high energy, excellent safety, and 20+ year service life. PulsesPlus batteries also deliver instantaneous power, enabling the AMSAFE airbag to deploy in less than 50 milliseconds.


NortekUSA Aquadopp

Ocean engineer discusses the use of Tadiran PulsesPlus™ battery packs in NortekUSA Aquadopp acoustic wave current meters and profilers. The PulsesPlus™ battery pack provides extended life, an extended temperature range, and over three times the capacity of an alkaline battery pack of equal size.