Asset Tracking

TADIRAN long-life lithium batteries are the PROVEN choice for asset tracking

Asset tracking and RFID technology powered by Tadiran batteries is increasingly being used to monitor the location and status of over 100 million devices, including everything from commercial trucking fleets to cargo shipping containers, animal herd management, medical equipment, and many other mobile assets.

For asset, fleet and container tracking applications, Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries and PulsesPlus cells deliver the ideal combination of features, including high pulses, low leakage current, a wide temperature range and long-life reliability. Tadiran batteries enable generation of vehicle and container tracking systems to determine location, monitor internal environmental conditions, capture data, and transmit alerts if a container is tampered with, if its status suddenly changes, or if it contains illegal contraband, including illegal drugs and prohibited nuclear and biochemical materials. 

Many of these asset tracking systems require two-way wireless communications and remote shut-off capabilies, which is ideal for PulsesPlus bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries that deliver higher capacity and energy density to support product miniaturization, along with extended operating life, and reliable performance at extreme temperatures 

TLI Series rechargeable Li-ion batteries also deliver the high pulses required to support two-way wireless communications. These industrial grade rechargeable Li-ion batteries are commonly used to track and measure the health status of livestock and other mobile applications that are well suited for energy harvesting.


Tadiran PulsesPlus batteries are used in AXTracker mobile asset tracking telemetry units to provide long-term service life using an advanced low power GPS engine coupled to a Globalstar-compatible simplex satellite transmitter. PulsesPlus batteries enable AXTracker to operate continuously at an extremely low power state, drawing less than 10uA, which is lower than the self-discharge rate of the battery. During active transmission mode, PulsesPlus batteries deliver high current pulses of up to 1.2A for intervals of 1.3 seconds, before returning to a low power state, even in extreme environmental conditions.

Related Applications

Awarepoint’s real-time locating system (RTLS) delivers rapid location and condition updates, capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds. Tadiran high temp. batteries enable the device to be ‘always on’ even during autoclave sterilization.

Cattlewatch AI-enabled electronics collars monitor cattle herds by providing remote behavioral information and alerts using an ultra-low-power LoRaWAN® network. Selective members of the herd are equipped with solar powered communicators that form a wireless mech network with the entire herd. Tadiran TLI Series rechargeable li-ion batteries create a lightweight solution that can withstand extreme temperatures, offers up to 20-year operating life and 5,000 full recharge cycle, and the ability to generate high pulses to power wireless communications.

Applications and most commonly chosen battery:
Application XOL & iXtra LiSOCl2 PulsesPlus Hybrid LiSOCl2 TLI Series Rechargeable Li-ion TLM Series Lithium Metal Oxide
Two-way communications
GPS asset tracking
Medical equipment RFID
Animal tracking
Trucking fleets
Cargo shipping containers

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