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Tadiran lithium batteries: The power behind wireless devices

Nearly 50 years ago, Tadiran pioneered the lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery for remote wireless applications. As the industry leader, Tadiran is dedicated to delivering ultra-long-life power for many different applications.

Beware of Imitators: Low Self-Discharge Extends Battery Life Up to 4X Longer

Don’t be fooled by competing LiSOCl2 batteries that have an annual self-discharge rate of up to 3%.

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Bringing Fresh Drinking Water to Remote Villages
Millions of people worldwide lack access to fresh drinking water because the hand pumps they rely upon are broken...
Aclara Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Units Rely on Tadiran Batteries
Amsafe - The Benefit of Airbags


Reducing Battery Size and Cost

Aired Sept 26, 2019

Sol Jacobs, VP and GM,
Tadiran Batteries

Understanding How Battery Design Affects Operating Life for Powering Remote Wireless Devices

Aired July 31, 2019


Sol Jacobs, VP and GM,
Tadiran Batteries


Embedded Executive: A 40-Year Battery? with Tadiran

Aired June, 2024

Sol Jacobs, VP and GM, Tadiran Batteries

Rich Nass, VP and Brand Director, Embedded Computer Design


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