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Tadiran manufactures advanced lithium batteries used throughout the medical field from small, lightweight and powerful cells used in surgical power tools to cells that can survive transport via the cold chain to cells that can withstand high temp. autoclave sterilization. 

TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries enable handheld medical devices to be more powerful and miniaturized

Tadiran high energy TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries enable medical devices to be smaller, lighter, more ergonomic, and more powerful. TLM Series batteries are ideal for use in applications such as automatic external defibrillators, surgical power tools, infusion pumps, bone growth stimulators, and many other types of handheld medical devices.

Tadiran high energy TLM Series batteries are small yet powerful, delivering up to 2Wh of energy with an open circuit voltage of 4.0 V. These compact cells can deliver pulses of up to 15A, with 5A maximum continuous load at 3.0V. These batteries are available in both high power and medium power versions.

TLM Series batteries are extremely safe, with solvents that are non-toxic and non-pressurized, anode materials that are less reactive than other lithium chemistries, and tested to withstand nail penetration, crush, charge, high temperature chambers, and short circuit.

If your medical device is reusable, we offer medical grade TLI Series industrial grade Li-ion rechargeable batteries that can withstand high temp. autoclave sterilization.

Batteries for the medical cold chain

Tadiran manufactures bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries that are specially modified to monitor the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, tissue samples, and transplant organs being shipped throughout the medical cold chain, where consistent temperatures as low as -80°C must be consistently maintained.

For example, Tadiran batteries are being utilized in data loggers that accompany the the COVID-19 vaccine while in shipment to health centers worldwide in insulated containers that are packed in dry ice.

Lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries for autoclave sterilization

Medical devices that require autoclave sterilization can be highly problematic for ordinary lithium batteries that need to be removed and sterilized separately. This added step costs time and money and interrupts the data stream while the device is out of service. Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries can be specially modified to withstand multiple sterilization cycles at up to 125°C. These batteries are commonly used in RFID tags that continuously monitor the location and status of medical equipment as well as other battery-powered medical devices that need to be autoclave sterilized. 

If the application requires a rechargeable Li-ion battery, Tadiran also offers a medical grade TLI Series rechargeable Li-ion battery that can withstand high temp. autoclave sterilization.

Key Applications:

  • Automatic external defibrillators
  • Medical power tools
  • Infusion pumps
  • Bone growth stimulators
  • Handheld medical devices

New Product

A cordless bone drill was converted from alkaline batteries to TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries, resulting in a 66% reduction in weight to make the bone drill lighter and more ergonomic to reduce fatigue for orthopedic surgeons. An equivalent alkaline battery pack would require 3X the weight and 2.5X the volume (requiring 15 AA-size alkaline batteries versus 6 AA-size TLM-1550-HP batteries).

Awarepoint’s real-time locating system (RTLS) delivers rapid location and condition updates, capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds. Tadiran high temp. batteries enable the device to be ‘always on’ even during autoclave sterilization.

Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries power data loggers that continuously monitor the transport of pharmaceuticals, vaccines (including COVID-19), tissue samples, and transplant organs at cold chain temperatures down to -80°C.

Applications and most commonly chosen battery:
Application XOL & iXtra LiSOCl2 PulsesPlus Hybrid LiSOCl2 TLI Series Rechargeable Li-ion TLM Series Lithium Metal Oxide
Automatic external defibrillators
Surgical power tools
Infusion pumps
Handheld medical devices
Cold chain (-80°C)
Autoclave sterilization
RFID Tags/Asset Tracking

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