The Need For Ultra-Long-Life Batteries

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Shrink Your Batteries and Your Budget

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Reducing Battery Size and Cost

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5 Keys to Powering Remote Wireless Devices

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Batteries Designed to Run an IIoT Marathon

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Lithium Batteries Take the IIoT Everywhere

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Harsh Realities Challenge Batteries

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The 40-year battery pack

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How long do your batteries need to run?

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Powering the wirelessly connected hospital

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The industrial IoT needs industrial batteries

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Why the industrial IoT needs industrial lithium batteries

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Making WirelessHART truly wireless

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3 Ways the IoT revolutionizes farming

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How to power handheld surgical devices

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Some like it hot

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Reducing battery size and cost

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Small batteries deliver big power to UAVs

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Powering miniaturized medical devices

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Powering remote wireless devices for 40 years

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Power your wireless sensors for 40 years

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Powering wirelessly via batteries, energy harvesting

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Power for extreme environments

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Designing a 20-year AMR device

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Considerations for primary cell selection

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Long-lasting lithiums

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Advanced lithium battery technology key to AMR market

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