Automotive Toll Tags

TADIRAN batteries are chosen for electronic toll tags and other challenging applications

Currently used in hundreds of millions of automotive electronic toll tags, Tadiran bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries are trusted by leading manufacturers to provide long life reliability under extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Electronic road-toll transponders that are mounted on automotive windshields must be able to handle the severe temperature changes that characterize car interiors. For example, heat soak can hit 112°C (according to SAE) when a vehicle is parked, cooling down rapidly to room temperature. In cold weather, the battery must be able to handle cold soak and a rapid temperature rise.

Tadiran batteries are the preferred solution for electronic toll tag systems due to their unmatched ability to withstand extreme temperatures (-85°C to +125°C). Tadiran batteries are also hermetically sealed, which is a major advantage over non-hermetically sealed systems such as lithium manganese dioxide coin cells that may leak over large temperature cycles, with electrolyte material diffusing out of the battery while heating up, causing corrosion.

In addition to electronic toll-tag transponders, Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries are utilized in a wide variety of automotive applications, including air bag systems, emergency notification (e-Call) systems, GPS asset tracking devices, engine controllers, and tire pressure monitoring systems.

UL recognized, and approved for lead-free RoHS, WEEE EC, and REACH directives, Tadiran lithium batteries and custom battery packs are ideal for use in electronic toll tags and other automotive applications.

FEATURED APPLICATION Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries are used in leading electronic toll collection systems because they can handle severe temperature cycles common to car interiors, where heat soak can hit 113°C (according to SAE) when parked, cooling down rapidly to room temperature. In frigid weather, the same battery must be able to handle cold soak and a rapid temperature rise. These hermetically sealed cells are far superior to non-hermetically sealed cells prone to leakage.

Related Applications

Tadiran PulsesPlus batteries power the AXTracker mobile asset tracking device, a ready to go, self-contained telemetry unit capable of long-term operation through the use of an advanced low power GPS engine coupled to a Globalstar-compatible simplex satellite transmitter. PulsesPlus batteries deliver extend operating life as well as the high pulses required for wireless communications.

TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries provide emergency power for eCall systems that detect serious accidents and immediately contact first responders with the car’s exact location, direction of travel, and number of passengers. These batteries are also used to track vehicle location, remotely operate certain features using a smartphone app. TLM Series batteries are ideal for in-vehicle electronics for being powerful and robust, with very low annual self-discharge and the ability to handle extreme temperatures.

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