Harsh Environments

TADIRAN lithium batteries are ideally suited for extreme temperatures.

Tadiran batteries are uniquely designed for long-term deployment in remote locations and harsh environments, especially in situations where battery failure is not an option. 

Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can severely compromise the performance of ordinary lithium batteries, generally affecting the cell’s voltage, self-discharge rate, and reliability. To address these challenges, Tadiran has developed industrial grade lithium batteries that are specially designed for use in extreme temperatures.

Tadiran batteries for the cold chain operate reliably at -80°C

Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries are uniquely adaptable to monitor the safe transport of goods throughout the cold chain, where temperatures as low as -80°C must be consistently maintained to ensure the preservation of tissue samples, transplant organs, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and frozen foods being shipped in dry ice. 

For example, our batteries are being used to power data loggers that monitor shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries deliver the highest specific energy (energy per unit weight) and energy density (energy per unit volume) of any battery type. These cells use a non-aqueous electrolyte to prevent freezing, including specially modified cells that have been tested in a cryogenic chamber, where they have been subjected to progressively lower temperatures down to -100°C while still operating reliably.

TLH Series batteries deliver 3.6 V at up to 125°C.

Tadiran TLH Series lithium thionyl chloride cells are ideal for use in applications involving extended temperatures, including automotive (tire pressure monitoring, engine sensors, windshield-mounted devices), medical devices that require high temp. autoclave sterilization, industrial machinery-mounted sensors, utility metering, remote sensors, military and aerospace applications. TLH Series batteries feature higher voltage (3.6V), twice the energy density of competing chemistries, a wider temperature range (-55°C to +125°C), extended service life (20+ years) a small form factor, and a glass-to-metal hermetical seal (not crimped elastomer gasket) to help prevent leakage.

Tadiran TLH Series lithium thionyl chloride batteries are available in standard cell sizes, including 1/2AA, 2/3AA, AA, C, D and DD cylindrical cells, wafer cells, as well as custom configurations and battery packs. These batteries are ISO-9001:2000 certified and UL-recognized, and meet RoHS lead-free, WEEE EC, and REACH directives.

Military Grade TLM Series Batteries

To operate in extreme environmental conditions Tadiran TLM Series high energy lithium metal oxide batteries are constructed with a carbon-based anode, multi metal oxide cathode, organic electrolyte, and shut-down separator for enhanced safety. These batteries feature an open circuit voltage of 4V with a discharge capacity of 500 mAh (20 mA at 2.8V RT), and are capable of handling 5A continuous pulses and 15A maximum high current pulses. They also feature low self-discharge, as well as an extremely wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C).

Tadiran TLM Military series of cells are also extremely safe. Their solvents are non-toxic and non-pressurized and their anode material is less reactive than that found in other lithium cells. The batteries have performed well in a variety of safety tests, including nail penetration, crush tests, high temperature chambers, short circuit and charge tests. 

TLM Military Grade batteries comply with MIL-STD 810G specs for vibration, shock, temperature shock, salt fog, altitude, acceleration (50,000 gn) and spinning (30,000 rpm) as well as UN 1642 and IEC 60086 standards for crush, impact, nail penetration, heat, over-charge and short circuit, and can be shipped as non-hazardous goods.

Two types of TLM batteries are available: High Power and Medium Power. TLM Military Grade batteries come in a wide variety of cylindrical configurations, as well as custom battery packs. 


Tadiran bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries can be modified for use the cold chain, operating continuously and reliably at temperatures down to -80°C. 

Featured Applications

Awarepoint battery-powered radio frequency identification (RFID) real time location systems (RTLS) continually monitor the location and status of medical equipment even during autoclave sterilization at 125°C without having to remove the battery prior to autoclave sterilization. This ensures a continuous and reliable data stream for enhanced reporting.

TLM Military Grade batteries meet MIL-STD 810G, UN 1642 and IEC 60086 standards for vibration, shock, temperature shock, salt fog, altitude, acceleration (50,000 gn) and spinning (30,000 rpm),crush, impact, nail penetration, heat, over-charge and short circuit protection.

Applications and most commonly chosen battery:
Application XOL & iXtra LiSOCl2 (modified) TLH TLI Series Rechargeable Li-ion (modified) TLM Series Lithium Metal Oxide
Cold chain
Tire pressure monitoring
Engine sensors
Autoclave sterilization
Machinery-mounted sensors
Industrial equipment
Military & Aerospace

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