TLM Series high energy lithium metal oxide batteries power High Rel military/aerospace applications.

To meet the demanding requirements of military and aerospace applications that require high-rate power, Tadiran developed TLM Military Grade high energy lithium metal oxide cells.

TLM Military Grade batteries are constructed with a carbon-based anode, multi metal oxide cathode, organic electrolyte, and shut-down separator for enhanced safety. These batteries feature an open circuit voltage of 4V with a discharge capacity of 500 mAh (20 mA at 2.8V RT), and are capable of handling 5A continuous pulses and 15A maximum high current pulses. They also feature low self-discharge, and a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

TLM Military Grade batteries comply with MIL-STD 810G specs for vibration, shock, temperature shock, salt fog, altitude, acceleration (50,000 gn) and spinning (30,000 rpm) as well as UN 1642 and IEC 60086 standards for crush, impact, nail penetration, heat, over-charge and short circuit, and can be shipped as non-hazardous goods.

Tadiran TLM Military series of cells are also extremely safe, as their solvents are non-toxic and non-pressurized and their anode material is less reactive than that found in other lithium cells. The batteries have performed well in a variety of safety tests, including nail penetration, crush tests, high temperature chambers, short circuit and charge tests. TLM Series batteries are available in High Power and Medium Power versions in a wide variety of cylindrical configurations, and can easily be assembled into custom battery packs.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: UAVs use Tadiran TLM Series-high power lithium batteries to create compact and lightweight battery packs that power emergency recovery systems for safe landing in an emergency. Shown here is a 32 V/480 W battery pack consisting of 96 AA-size TLM batteries that deliver up to 120 watt-hours at -30 ºC but weigh just 2 Kg. COTS technology enables the battery pack to be easily reconfigured for other applications.

Related Applications

The guidance system of an air-to-ground missile previously powered by 19 silver-zinc cells can be converted to a much smaller battery pack consisting of 24 high-power TLM Series lithium cells, resulting in a 30% reduction in size, a 75% reduction in weight (2.2 Kg versus 0.5 Kg), and 3.5X greater energy density. Additional space is saved by eliminating the squib, gas generator, and heater required by the silver-zinc pack.

For DARPA’s ODAM Project BAE Systems developed a low-cost, laser guided 60 mm mortar round using CR-2 size TLM Series batteries to power the system’s laser-guided optical seekers. These COTS cells outperform consumer type batteries by handling extreme cold (-40 °C) and 4X longer shelf life (20 years vs. 5 years).

Applications and most commonly chosen battery:
Application XOL & iXtra LiSOCl2 PulsesPlus Hybrid LiSOCl2 TLI Series Rechargeable Li-ion TLM Series Lithium Metal Oxide
Navigation systems
Ordinance fuses
Missile systems
Electronic warfare systems
GPS/asset tracking
Emergency/safety devices
Shipboard devices

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